Jupiter Client

The Jupiter Client allows you to get up and running quickly to interact with your CommitCRM and Webroot data, without having to write your our code. Of course you are still welcome to write your own client to talk to the Jupiter Server if you wish. See the Developer section for more info on writing your own client.

The Jupiter Client we provide allows you to compare your CommitCRM customer lists to your Webroot customer lists so you can detect any anomilies. This works well if you manage your Webroot contracts in CommitCRM.

You can also use the client to display only Webroot or only CommitCRM data.

System Tray menu

When the user closes the Jupiter Client window, the application will still be running in the background. The System Tray menu allows you to do the following

  • Show the Jupiter Client.
  • Quit
  • Open up your Webroot GSM console in a browser using Single Sign On.