Send Mail

In addition to the sendmail api method that Jupiter Server provides, included in the Jupiter Server installation is a sendmail utility called sendmail.exe.

This utility, sendmail.exe, is a commandline utility that can be scripted into Powershell scripts. SSL and Authentication is supported. Text and HTML emails are supported.


sendmail.exe [options]

Parameter Required Description
-a, –attachment No File name of attachment
–body Yes A file name containing the Body of the email
-c, –contenttype Yes Content Type of the Body
–cred No A file containing username and password to connect to the Jupiter Server.
First line has the username. Second line has the password
–host No The hostname of the Jupiter Server
-i, –importance Yes Importance of Email: Low, Normal or High
–port Yes The port name Jupiter Server is listening on
-s, –sender Yes Senders Email Address
–ssl No Turn on SSL or not: true or false
–sslselfsigned No Assume self signed certificate: true or false
-t, –toAddress Yes To Email Address
-u, –subject Yes Subject of Email
-x, –sentbox No Save to SentItems folder y or n
–help No Display this help screen.
–version No Display version information.