Jupiter Explorer – Webroot

Jupiter Explorer provides Windows Desktop access to a lot of the customer management of what you would normally find in the Webroot GSM interface. 

All customers can be listed on the left hand side. As a customer is selected, their details and devices are shown in the Tab control. 

New customers can be added to Webroot

Site Tab

  • The customer name can be changed
  • A Windows or Ma Webroot agent can be downloaded for deployment. 
  • If you have RangerMSP, ITPortal or Naverisk enabled, and the Webroot customer is present in those systems, then the logo will light up. 
  • A customer can be deactivated. 
  • The device activity can be seen. 

Devices Tab

  • Lists the customers devices that are installed with Webroot. 
  • Selecting a device will show all the data that the Webroot GSM has for that device. 
  • A device can be deactivated
  • A scan of a device can be initiated.