Jupiter Explorer – RangerMSP

Jupiter Explorer provides Windows Desktop access to your Customer, Contact, Contract, Asset and Ticket data stored in RangerMSP.

RangerMSP customer records are called Accounts. A customer can be searched for on the Accounts form. The Customers details, Contacts and Contract, Assets and Tickets will be displayed in seperate tabs.

New customers (Accounts) and contacts for those customers can be added into RangerMSP. At this stage, it is not possible to add Contracts via Jupiter Explorer into RangerMSP, due to the RangerMSP API not supporting any Inserting or Updating of Contracts.

Assets can also be added for RangerMSP Accounts. 

Icons at the top of the Details tab will light up, if the Customer (Account) is in Webroot or ITPortal or Naverisk. Right clicking on a logo of one of those systems will allow you to show the details for the selected customer in those systems.