Jupiter Client Explorer

This Windows application we provide for free with a Jupiter Server subscription. Currently, as we can see from the Menu screen shot we can see that Webroot and CommitCRM are both supported. The future roadmap has Sophos, CommitCRM, IT Portal, Naverisk and Kaseya being supported.

The other active button is Configuration which allows the configuration of the Jupiter Client Explorer to be setup to connect to your Jupiter server. 

The Webroot button will display a second form, that brings many of the functionalities of the Webroot GSM Console Web interface into a Windows Desktop environment. 

GSM Web console is brought to the Windows Desktop. Clicking a customer, also provides visibility to the presence of the customer in CommitCRM, Naverisk, and Webroot

The CommitCRM button will display a second form, that allows the user to search for an Account that is stored in the CommitCRM database. At the moment, this screen will only allow read access to the data. There is visual indication if the customer is also in Webroot, Naverisk or IT Portal.