IT Portal API Support

IT Portal API Integration in the Jupiter Server has the following IT Portal API calls mapping to WCF service methods. All methods are supported in Developer Mode, however only 2 return data when Developer Mode is active.

Method IT Portal API call Jupiter Server WCF service methods Developer Mode Support Developer Mode Response Examples
GET /api/2.0/companies/ CompaniesGet(CompaniesGetRequestQuery()) Yes Dev Data Ex-01
POST /api/2.0/companies/ CompaniesPost(CompaniesPostRequestBody) Yes Dev Data Ex-02
GET /api/2.0/companies/{companyId}/ CompaniesIdGet(CompaniesIdGetRequestPath) Yes No Data Ex-03
GET /api/2.0/contacts/ ContactsGet(ContactsGetRequestQuery) Yes No Data
POST /api/2.0/contacts/ ContactsPost(ContactsPostRequestBody) Yes No Data
GET /api/2.0/contacts/{contactId}/ ContactsIdGet(ContactsIdGetRequestPath) Yes No Data
PATCH /api/2.0/contacts/{contactId}/ ContactsIdPatch(ContactsIdPatchRequestPath, ContactsIdPatchRequestBody) Yes No Data
DELETE /api/2.0/contacts/{contactId}/ ContactsIdDelete(ContactsIdDeleteRequestPath) Yes No Data