The Jupiter Server is a Windows WCF Service

SSL Certificate

SSL using a Self Signed Certificate is supported (This is automatically generated by the WCF Service)
Allowing CA Signed Certificates is in the Future Roadmap

WCF Authentication

A single username and password can be configured, that all WCF / SOAP Clients would need to know.
Allowing multiple username/password pairs is in the Future Roadmap.

The Trial edition of Jupiter Server supports reading the list of 

  • accounts from CommitCRM
  • sites from Webroot GSM
  • sites from Naverisk
  • accounts from ITPortal

The Full edition of Jupiter Server supports reading and writing data with CommitCRM, Webroot, Naverisk and ITPortal

Three Windows Forms applications are provided.

Jupiter Server Configuration Tool

SSL, Authentication and Metadata can be independently toggled independantly for CommitCRM and Webroot.
The IP address to listen on and the port number of the WCF Jupiter Server can be configured.
The log directory and Maximum number of days to keep logs for can be configured
The location of the CommitCRM Installation directory can be configured.
The License Key can be entered into the GUI.
The Jupiter Server / WCF Service can be restarted, started or stopped.

The Full version of the Jupiter Server / WCF Service will not start without a License Key.

No License Key is required for the Trail Version.

Jupiter Client Explorer

This is a full features client app allowing Webroot GSM information to be displayed in a Windows Form.

New Webroot sites can be added. 

Webroot agents can be downloaded. 

Scans can be initiated on devices with Webroot installed. 

A Webroot site will display if the same customer is in CommitCRM, Naverisk or ITPortal. 

Jupiter Client

This is a full featured client app allowing access to both the CommitCRM database and the Webroot GSM.
SSL and Authentication are automatically supported to match the WCF Service config.