Get the Jupiter Server

The Jupiter Server and Client can be downloaded as a Trial (with no time limit).

The features of the Trial are limited to reading only the Account information from CommitCRM and Webroot. 

Trial Version Downloads

Click this link to download the Jupiter Client Explorer (FREE Trial).

Click this link to download the Jupiter Server (FREE Trial).

Full Version Downloads

Click this link to download the Jupiter Client Explorer.

Click this link to download the Jupiter Server.

To obtain the full version of Jupiter Server the process is as follows.

  1. Please visit our purchasing page
    • We only require your business name, contact name and business email address.
    • Your business name is required so that we can send you an invoice/receipt by email, to your nominated business email address. By entering in your email address into this field, we will only send you email relevent to your purchase of the Jupiter Server.
  2. Upon receiving your request and your payment clearing we will contact you to request your Hardware ID. The link to download the full version of the Jupiter Server is above.
  3. Run the installer on your Jupiter Server
    • The Config User Interface will allow you to create a hardware ID which is a hash created from various characteristics of your hardware. It is not possible to reverse this hash.
    • You will send us your Hardware ID by email.
    • We will use your Hardware ID to create a license file with an expiry date that is 12 months from the date we create the license file.
    • We will send you this license file by email.
    • Using the Config User Interface for the Jupiter Server, you will be able to import the license file we send you.
    • At this point you will be able to start your Jupiter Server.

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