Developer Mode Documentation

Developer Mode fences off all production data from all Clients to Jupiter Server for all Jupiter Server users.

The goals of Developer Mode

  • Allow developers to create client scripts/applications without needing to view/modify/create data in production systems.
  • Allow demo videos and screen shots to be created of client applications without production data being displayed.

Developer Mode uses data configured on the Jupiter Server in JSON files. Thus developer mode emulates the 3rd party APIs and the JSON data will be used by all Clients to Jupiter Server to simulate interacting with the 3rd party APIs.

The methods for RangerMSP, ITPortal, Naverisk and Webroot all support Developer Mode, however only ITPortal and Webroot have methods that functionally do something. Even then, not all ITPortal and Webroot methods have functionality. The work required to implement functionality across all methods will be prioritised to those methods used in the various Clients that have been written. If a method you require, doesn’t provide Developer Mode functionality please let us know and we will implement it. 

The data to support Development Mode is stored in JSON files on the file system on the computer that Jupiter Server is installed on. The folder storing the data can be configured in the Jupiter Server GUI. There will be a sub folder for each supported 3rd Party system. 

The first time Developer Mode is enabled on Jupiter server, the folder structure will be created and sample JSON files will be created. Developers can edit these files.