Configuring the Jupiter Server for RangerMSP service

To use the Jupiter Server to access RangerMSP you need to configure the location of you RangerMSP installation.

The location of both the RangerMSP API DLL and the RangerMSP DB need to be configured. If you install the Jupiter Server on the same PC as your RangerMSP installation then your Folder settings will look similar to below. You can also use Network Share Drive Letters, or UNC paths too.

Make sure you check the Enable box, otherwise the RangerMSP Service will not work. Check the SSL box if you would like the data transfer between the Jupiter Clients and the Jupiter Service to be encrypted.

The Binding Timeout value allows control of the Read and Write timeouts for clients connecting to the Jupiter Server. This value is important to be large enough to handle long running queries, especially with RangerMSP databases on slower computers or network shares


The RangerMSP Service host provided by Jupiter Server now supports WCF SOAP and WCF REST. No additional configuration for REST is required. Enabling the RangerMSP Service provides both SOAP and REST access

Account Types

When accounts are added into RangerMSP, a valid Account Type must be selected. The RangerMSP API doesn’t provide a method for obtaining the current list of Types you have configured in RangerMSP. Therefore the Jupiter Server GUI application has an editable dropdown so that you can edit the Account types you would like to be available for your Jupiter Clients. The exact spelling is critical here, and must be the same as the spelling of the types in RangerMSP otherwise the insert of the new Account will fail. The RangerAPI does not provide a method for us to add a new Type into RangerMSP.

IT Portal Configuration

Jupiter Server can be configured so that when any Jupiter Client adds an Account into RangerMSP, a company with the same name is created in ITPortal. However when a company is created in ITPortal, the three fields company type, contact first name and contact last name must all be set.

Company Type

Company Type is a required field for inserting a new Company into ITPortal. The dropdown for company type is not editable in the configuration of the RangerMSP Service. The available company types can be edited in the ITPortal Service tab.

Firstname and Lastname

Firstname and Lastname of the main Company contact are both required fields for inserting a new Company into ITPortal. A potential problem here is that while RangerMSP has a contact name and Lastname field for an Account, there is no Firstname field. Neither the contact name or Lastname fields in RangerMSP are required fields, therefore we allow Jupiter Server to have default values for ITportal Firstname and Lastname when adding a new company into ITPortal. The first word in the RangerMSP contact field will be handed to ITPortal in the Firstname field. The contents of the RangerMSP Lastname field will be handed to ITPortal in the Lastname field. If the Jupiter Server RangerMSP Account Insert method is only presented with data in the Contact field, then the default ITPortal Lastname field will be used.