Configuring the Jupiter Server for MS SQL

Microsoft SQL Server is required to support the RangerMSP Metrics such as TicketOpens and TicketClosures. The Express edition of MS SQL Server is adaquate for Jupiter Server. 

Different databases can be configured for Production and Developer Modes.

The GUI shown below allows you to create a new database, and add or drop the required tables for the RangerMSP Ticket data.

Using the Jupiter Console to create the database, will ensure that the database is created at the following path.

C:\ProgramData\Dentaur Pty Ltd\Jupiter Server\Database

When installing Microsoft SQL Server, set the Server Authentication to “SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode”. We suggest you use MS SQL Server Management Studio (MSSMS) to create a login. The SQL login is entered into the Username field in the GUI below. In MSSMS set the new login to be the owner of the database.

Once everything is setup you can test the connection in the Jupiter Console. If all the connection details are correct, the boxes for Instance, Database, and Username will be green. Then using the GUI add in the Ticket_OpenCloseDates table to the database.