Configuring the Jupiter Server for CommitCRM service

To use the Jupiter Server to access CommitCRM you need to configure the location of you CommitCRM installation.

The location of both the CommitCRM API DLL and the CommitCRM DB need to be configured. If you install the Jupiter Server on the same PC as your CommitCRM installation then your Folder settings will look similar to below. You can also use Network Share Drive Letters, or UNC paths too.

Make sure you check the Enable box, otherwise the CommitCRM Service will not work. Check the SSL box if you would like the data transfer between the Jupiter Clients and the Jupiter Service to be encrypted.

The Binding Timeout value allows control of the Read and Write timeouts for clients connecting to the Jupiter Server. This value is important to be large enough to handle long running queries, especially with CommitCRM databases on slower computers or network shares