Configuration of the Jupiter Server

The configuration of the Jupiter Server is kept in a XML file located on the computer installed with the Jupiter Server. The path and file name is

C:\ProgramData\Dentaur Pty Ltd\Jupiter Server\Config.xml

Configuration can be changed with a text editor or with the Jupiter Server GUI Config tool. After changing the configuration via the GUI or via a text editor, you must restart the service for the changes to take effect. This will assist in fault finding, should a feature not be working as expected.

The Jupiter Server GUI config tool displays the following information to assist with diagnosing communications problems between client apps and the Jupiter Server

  • local LAN IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Current Network Connection Profile of the Jupiter Server
  • Controls to add or remove specific Windows Firewall inbound rules to allow access to the ports for Clear and SSL transmission
  • The ability to turn off the Windows Firewall, while trying to isolate and diagnose client connection problems. 
  • Numeric Text boxes to alter the port numbers that Jupiter Server will listen on.
  • Visual status icons and text to indicate if SSL certificates are bound.
  • The ability to turn off the port that is usually bound to a SSL certificate.

The status and expiry of the license for Jupiter Server is displayed.

The Server mode can be set to Production or Developer Mode.