Jupiter Server

The Jupiter Server provides a single server through which you and your employees can access your business data that is stored in Cloud or Local data stores. 

The Jupiter Server allows easy access to your Webroot, CommitCRM, Naverisk and IT Portal data by overlaying a single API on top of those various APIs. This allows data from all 4 platforms to be brought together in a single client. The Jupiter Server is a WCF .NET Service that will run on windows Desktop or Server. Specialized clients in Powershell, Perl and .NET can be written to integrate Webroot, CommitCRM, Naverisk and IT Portal into a single client script or application. 

The Jupiter Client application is provided for your use, or you can write your own code in any language that supports SOAP to access the Jupiter Server to retrieve or write data.

A high level graphical view of the Jupiter Server is

The Jupiter Server has been written in C# WCF .NET and requires a Windows 10 PC or Windows Server 2012 R2 or greater. However as the Jupiter Server has been written as a pure Windows Service there is no requirement for IIS to be installed.